Staff Assembly Delegates

General Description of duties

Every UNC System Staff Assembly delegate shall be a permanent staff member of the institution he or she represents. Delegates are advisory and working members of the Assembly that are constituted to provide input gathered from their respective staff organizations. They are elected by their staff organizations and have authority limited to their voting rights in assembly to study and recommend courses of action introduced by their organizations, other staff assembly delegates, executive committee and/or members of all standing committees of the Assembly. In addition, they must participate in activities, serve on a standing committee and attend the four yearly meetings of the Staff Assembly. They must also have served as a Staff Council representative or alternate when elected.


Terms of delegates shall be three years in length and begin on July 1st of each year and shall be staggered to assure continuity of representation. Assembly delegates shall serve through June 30th or until their successors are elected. Terms of alternates shall begin on July 1st of each year and shall be for a period of one year.

2023/2024 UNC Charlotte Staff Assembly Delegates

Audra Esposito, Chair/Delegate
Tracy Beauregard, Vice Chair/Delegate
Patrick Jones, Member/Delegate
LaTonja Miller – Member/Alternate

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